Ways To Beat The Blues

Life can be frustrating at times – You had an argument with your parents or significant others, missed your train, running behind deadline or even getting splashed by the car on a rainy day, can make you wish you were in your bed and away from civilisation. It’s hard changing your mood when you started the day on the wrong foot. With these tricks, You’ll be back to your full self in no time.  Continue reading

Summer Is All About Secret Menus

Want to feel part of an exclusive club when you order something that most people around you don’t know about? This post is for you.
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The Fuck Buddy

FWB, Friends with benefit, Dating, Sex, Blogger, Post, Review, Boohoo burgundy dress, Are you about to get yourself involved in a friend with benefits situation, and not sure if it’s for you? Maybe, this post will give you some clarity.
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