Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Toilette

Lovely Perfume Review, SJP Perfum, Sarah Parker Perfume, Review Fashion is in the air. Every once in a while, a girl has to indulge in herselfPreviously, I have written about my endearment for perfumes, and if you follow me on twitter, you may remember my tweets regarding them. I have an excessive collection, filled with a variety of different notes: sweet, fruity, woody, and floral.

The newest perfume in my collection is the first scent from Sarah Jessica Parker. I am a huge fan of sex and the city, ever since the show aired and I fell head over heels for her character and style. She’s expanded her fashion empire into fragrance, having created a signature scent, inspired by her obsession with style and fashion.

Lovely is a refine, feminine and sensual smell, fit for the lady who loves a flashback to the classics of fashion design, made modern with trademark twist on tradition. It’s a sultry musk that blossoms into an alluring aura with notes of mandarin, a hint of lavender, apple martini, and creamy orchid.

At first, I called it an elderly scent, but the more I used it, I adore the elegant and classy scent. I love how it lingers on my clothes and body for hours; joining my collection as a top favourite. It’s perfect for women who love strong but elegant perfumes.


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