My impromptus visit to the V&A Museum

My impromptus Visit to the V&A

There’re not so many free things you can do these days in London, but this museum is enormous and rich in centuries of art and design history. 

My impromptus Visit to the V&A

I come from a creative background, once in a while, I find myself drifting towards museums, galleries and exhibitions looking for inspirations. On this particular day, I was in Chelsea with my friend Tosin, South Kensington to be exact to drop pieces of jewellery to a jeweller. Once we dropped off the jewellery, we head to V&A Museum to spend the rest of our afternoon there since we didn’t want to waste a sunny day.

My impromptus Visit to the V&A

V&A is one of the world’s largest museum of design and decorative arts, holding a comprehensive collection from sculpture, silver, paintings, glasses, photographs, fashion, jewellery, print, architecture from centuries to present. We arrived at the museum via the tunnel entrance we skimmed through the sculpture galleries then went straight to the fashion exhibit.

My impromptus Visit to the V&A

The only thing more fascinating than the museum is seeing how fashion has dramatically changed over centuries and also seeing how much today’s styles reflect the past. We may not dress like a victorian ladies, but we know that department stores and designers draw their inspirations from the past. That’s the beauty of fashion: the more trends change, the more inspiration we can pull from to dress in years to come. This exhibition showcased years of fashion and highlights some of the biggest trends.

My impromptus Visit to the V&A

I’ll be sure to check out the jewellery and photograph exhibits along with Undressed: a brief history of underdressed the next time I visit V&A as I’m very interested in these subjects and would like to be inspired.

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