The Risque 24

Birthday Post

I turn 24 today and i’m feeling racy

Birthday Post

Some bloggers stand in front of iconic buildings in a beautiful outfit to capture their birthday picture for their social media and blog post, but I rather take the unconventional route by modelling in my lingerie

Birthday Post

I’m a woman who loves eating out and clothing, but I’m also a lady who has a deep endearment to her lingerie. Boux Avenue and Victoria Secret are my favourites go to, but now I’ve found another. As it’s my birthday, I brought out this risque lingerie that I received from Freya. While some may not have my level of obsession, we can all agree there’s something about knowing you have a stunning lingerie underneath your garment that makes you feel confident. Feeling sexy on the inside exudes confidence.

Birthday Post

Today, I’ll be spending my day thanking God for adding another year to my life. Because without God, I don’t know where I’d be. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m glad I’m not where I use to be. I look forward to know what being 24 is all about.
Birthday Post

This weekend will be turn up time with my girls. By turn up I mean … You know what – I’ll just keep it a secret and surprise you guys with posts on what I got up to.

Birthday Post

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