Bumascloset_ AX Paris Crochet Black Dress

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfield

Happy Friday! Hope you all are well. I’m currently hangover as I’m writing this post. Last week Thursday, I Wore this beautiful crochet Black dress that I won from AX Paris couple of weeks ago on a night out with friends.

That evening, I went to go to Wagamama to grab a quick dinner. While I was at the restaurant, chatting and laughing away, a waitress approached us to give us free food, as she didn’t want to throw away the wrong order given to another customer so we openly accepted. I mean who wouldn’t accept free food right! Ha-ha! Once we were done eating,we explored Shoreditch then went home.

Oh by the way, the Winner of the £40 Wal G voucher will be announced tomorrow. Have a lovely day beauts


Intruder Alert! I got photo-Bombed by this guy while i was trying to get my Naomi Campbell On ha ha

Bumascloset_ AX Paris Crochet Black Dress_3Bumascloset_ AX Paris Crochet Black Dress_1Bumascloset_ AX Paris Crochet Black Dress_2


15 thoughts on “Random

  1. Elina | MBE says:

    I think you’re super brave for taking pictures on the Underground! I’d be way too much of a chicken to do that! The black dress is so pretty! You can’t really go wrong with that one, can you? 😉 Oh and the guy who photobombed you is hilarious, haha!
    Miss Blue Eyes

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