LFW Round Up

Picture taken from Metro

Hey beauties! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading this post.

Picking up where I left off click here, this post will be a round up of my week as an intern for LFW.

Topshop UNIQUE SS15 – sporty meets a little glam

Vogue Editor Anne Wintour and notable A listers sitting front row to watch the shows, high fashion models like Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn strutting down the runaway, no wonder Topshop Unique SS15 is one of the most anticipated show to attend for London fashion week. Although I wasn’t in attendance because of work, I was able to stream the live show using my phone. And I’m glad I did, as the show was amazing!

Bringing back the ‘cool kid on the block college vibe’, Sporty tennis cuts, bright colours, sequin and sheer material will be next year’s Spring and Summer trend.

Danielle Romeril SS15 – Adventerous and Chic

 Rebellious Girl Scout on a camping trip springs to my mind when I watched Danielle’s presentation while working. Fishing rods were used as a prop for the models. The collection was sweet, chic and adventurous.

(photos taken from Zambio)

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20 thoughts on “LFW Round Up

  1. Blondeofcarbs says:

    VERY VERY exciting, I can’t wait to wear all the trends I might just become a car crash and wear them all at once because I am SO excited!! Cara’sdress has to my favourite it was an iconic moment for me, but loving the sportswear again x

    • Bumascloset says:

      ohh jessica you crack me up! i agreed i feel like going bankrupt isn’t going to be good a haha need to pace myself. yeah it really was very iconic. she’s awesome even though i have a love hate thing when it comes to her

      • Blondeofcarbs says:

        no way really?! what don’t you like about her? she is overrated but I don’t like the drama queen models (although they probably all are!) hope you’re feeling a bit better xx

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