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Poster 3Happy Friday beauties, Hope you all are well!

As you all know, my blog has been heavily focused on fashion but today will be different. It’s a beauty post day! Hehe

About three weeks ago, I attended a Lush event that Sam blogged about, which took place at Lakeside shopping mall, Essex

Me and Sam

Lush Cosmetics are known for organic handmade cosmetics, a store that caters to help women reach their goal of having healthy great skin. Their products ranges from natural soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, face cleansers etc.

At the event, we learned the key to great skin, their new release products and upcoming ones.

Did you know, the number one key to achieving great skin has to do with pH levels of the beauty products and your skin? Although I knew about this piece of information a while back, it was pretty easy for me to ignore it as I have a bad habit of buying just any face cleansers, moisturizers, toners and masks. Well, while at the event, we were quickly reminded that it is important to know, if a beauty product is pH Balanced before we purchase them.

“pH balanced” is more than a marketing slogan for the beauty industry, thinking back to secondary school chemistry class. I can recall the pH “Potential Hydrogen” number. it measures from 0 -6 which is  acidic, 7 is neutral and 8 to 14 Alkaline. Our skin has a level of about 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Well the uttermost layer is acidic as it helps our skin retain moisture and keep germs out. So it is essential to use a cleanser with a pH level similar to that of our skin. Using a soap that’s too alkaline, it will break up the acid in the skin, causing dryness.

are curious about a product’s pH?

 you can use a litmus paper to test if a liquid is an acid, neutral, or base. Sound like a lot of work doesn’t it? Especially if you’re lazy like me haha

While at the event, we were split into two groups to make fresh face masks. My group made Catastrophe face mask and the other group made hello, cupcake.

Ingredients for catastrophe

Ingredients for catastrophe

Buma making the facemask

Making the Face Mask.  Minimum Top /  Bershka Jeans / Hat from Market stall / Soundchick Accessories Feather Earring

Group pictures with the finish product

Group pictures with the finish product

Once we were done making the facemasks, we sat down in a circle to know more about their products, how to use them and their benefits.

The first product was Ultrabland, a facial cleanser that removes dirt and makeup, without taking away our skin’s natural defenses. Smooth a little amount on the skin, massage on your face and remove it with a cotton wool soaked in tea tree toner water to cleanse and refresh the skin.

Tea Tree Toner water, Ultrabland and cotton wool

Tea Tree Toner water, Ultrabland and cotton wool

Katie smoothing the Ultrabland on Guy

Katie smoothing the Ultrabland on Guy



However, the other products were discussed briefly and passed around for us to see, smell and feel. Below are the products and  information I got from the event.


This product is an herbal combination to balance and revitalise the skin. The herbal mix of nettle and rosemary cleanses skin, remove dirt, and grease leaving your skin bright and beautifully clean. Pat your face with water, smooth on and gently exfoliate the skin. when you mix herbalism with water, it creates a soft cleansing milk

Dark Angels

This product scrubs your skin to feel clean, with black sugar and charcoal to exfoliate, and the rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse. The black sugar also helps scrub away any dead skin cells, leaving your skin bright and refreshed. Another favourite scrub of mine aside from Angels on bare skin.

Aqua Marina

A mineral rich seaweed and calamite face cleanser that absorb excess oils and leave you a clear complexion. Lush uses kaolin and calamine to absorb oil and cleanse the skin, aloe Vera to restore moisture and a sprinkle of sea salt for gentle exfoliation.

Dark Pink

It’s a foundation for darker skin tone, a product I absolutely love. The moisture helps blends and even out the skin while it protect and give you a dewy look that last all day. Lush blend in the pigment to a cream base of gentle rose petal infusion, which helps reduce redness, vitamin E-rich bran oil for adding moisture, and titanium dioxide to help protect the skin from the sun.

I strongly recommend this product to all my dark skin sisters!

Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel

Lastly, we were introduced to the Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel. I love getting my makeup done according to my emotional mood, i find myself going from charming and sweet by day to sophisticated and Fiery by night. If you’re like me then this colour wheel is perfect for you.

You can walk into any Lush store to get a “colour” consolation from a member of staff and they get you to pick colours based on your mood. The wheel comes in a wide range of makeup; liquid eyeliner, lipsticks, creamy Eyeshadows etc. The entire range is said to be vegan and cruelty free, which means it’s not tested on animals.

Once the event was done, we had time to shop around, take pictures and converse some more with the staff. we then got treated to a generous goody bags filled with some of the products that was showed to us.


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